Hot Lemon

Enjoy the soothing citrus effects of Hot Lemon, that soothes and calms the throat. Ideal for those who like some lemon in their tea. Available in regular strength and forte.

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Hot Blackcurrant

Savour the delicious flavor of Hot Blackcurrant, that helps your body heal faster. Ideal for those who like some blackberry in their tea. Available in regular strength and forte.

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No pills, just sip!

One of the many benefits of Stopgripan is that you do not have to swallow any pills (useful if you have a sore throat).

Simply pour the contents of one sachet into a cup and fill up with hot water.


While you slowly sip your hot drink, the active ingredients are already at work to improve your health.

In fact, because the active ingredients enter the bloodstream through the mucosa of the mouth, they work faster than if swallowed in a pill.


Staying Healthy

1Drink plenty of fluids

Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. It will thin out the mucus and keep your throat softer. Try to drink 6-8 glasses a day. It is a good idea to not only drink water, but also fruit juices, teas, and sports drinks. Avoid caffeine drinks and alcohol.
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2Eat healthy foods

Eat healthy foods. Fruits, fresh vegetables and foods rich in anti-oxidants (e.g. Blueberries, Lemons, Oranges), as well as foods such as ginger and garlic can help your body fight the infection more effectively, and is believed to be able to shorten the duration of your illness.
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3Keep warm

Keep warm, without sweating. Stay inside if the weather is cold, and dress warmly. When the fever starts to go down you may sweat profusely, be sure to change sweaty clothes and dress down when you feel warmer.
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4Wash your hands

Wash your hands often. The most common spread of infections is through hand contact. Wash your hands to prevent your infection from spreading, both to other people as well e.g. your eyes.
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5Take a bath

Take a steam bath or sit with a towel over a bowl of hot water (careful at first!) as this will help to ease your blocked nose and sinuses. It may be helpful to put Chamomile, Eucalyptus or Mint (e.g. a tea bag) into the hot water.
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