Other Cold and Flu Products

Dry Cough Spray

A spray that fights the bacteria as well as relieves a sore, dry throat. Contains natural herbal extracts as well as an innovative compound that coats the sensitive throat. Helps restore normal levels of moisture.

Sinol Spray

An all-natural homeopathic nasal spray, based on Capsaicin (from Red pepper) and Aloe. Contains no drugs, yet is extremely effective against both sinus problems and headaches.

Non drowsy and non-addictive, the product can be used as needed up to 12 times per day.

LorPro Laringo

Soothing lozenges for sore winter throats. Contain extracts of plants long used and known for their beneficial effect on sore throat and cough. Can help to reduce symptoms accompanying colds and the flu. Contains extracts of ginger, liquorice and other traditional natural ingredients.

Three delicious tastes:  Honey and Lemon; Mint and Eucalyptus; Orange


Alvogen ORS

ORS stands for Oral Rehydration Salts, and is designed to treat and prevent dehydration from various causes. A mild version (low-osmolarity formula), these effervescent ORS tablets actually make a pleasantly tasting, refreshing drink. Suitable for all ages, even young children. Ideal for rehydrating after a bout of illness, stomach upsets or just after exercise.